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Our website is an accurate and up-to-date source of information regarding the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS Visa Switzerland) and how it pertains to British citizens heading to Switzerland.

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Our manifesto – ETIAS Visa Switzerland

The introduction of ETIAS Visa Switzerland will mean a significant shift in the way people prepare to travel to Europe if they are from a country that qualifies, like the UK. British citizens wanting to travel from the UK to Switzerland should be aware that, starting in 2024, ETIAS approval will be required before setting off. With future changes in mind, we’ve designed this website as a one-stop source of ETIAS Switzerland information to help travellers plan a holiday that is simple, enjoyable and free of unpleasant surprises.

We believe that the ETIAS application process need not feel too arduous. To anyone familiar with similar electronic systems used for travel around the world, such as the US ESTA system or the Canadian eTA scheme, the process may seem less daunting than it might otherwise be, as ETIAS Visa Switzerland will be very similar. It will be a simple application and require only a nominal fee and some basic biometric and security information, as well as a valid biometric passport, and it can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Our purpose is to help answer any questions people may have with regards to ETIAS and explain the ETIAS Switzerland application procedure in simple detail. We will also give background details about ETIAS, the reason for it and what information it requires, and why. We have been a reliable source of accurate

information on ETIAS since the beginning, and we work hard to ensure that travellers who rely on us are well-informed and prepared for travel.

As ETIAS is not yet finalised, some information is yet to be confirmed, such as important dates. The exact date when ETIAS Visa Switzerland will become live is not yet confirmed, although we do know it will be in 2024. Other information is also often changing or being finalised, for example, the list of ETIAS eligible countries and Schengen zone countries. These do inevitably change and will continue to do so, as countries may leave or join either list over time. We commit to keeping people informed on any updated Switzerland ETIAS information whenever it is released.

Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organisation with no ties to the government or the European Union.

As ETIAS is still in the process of being finalised, certain dates and information are yet to be confirmed, and we are committed to notifying readers of the information when it is updated. We hope to assist with making the transition to ETIAS Visa Switzerland as effortless as possible so that people can get through it with ease and feel excited about planning their trip.

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ETIAS Visa Switzerland FAQ

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Please feel free to reach out to the experts on our customer service Team. We are here for you and always happy to help!

Yes, in order to travel to Switzerland or any other ETIAS country, UK citizens will need to apply for ETIAS Visa Switzerland. The UK is on the list of countries that have a visa-free arrangement with the EU, meaning its citizens are eligible for ETIAS. When ETIAS becomes mandatory in 2024, British citizens will be required to fill out an online ETIAS application form and be pre-approved before travelling to Switzerland or any other Schengen zone country.

If you are passing through the UK on the way to Switzerland but you are not a British citizen, you may not need ETIAS. Whether you are eligible for ETIAS will depend on your country of citizenship and the agreements between countries. Any country with visa-free status will be eligible for ETIAS and their citizens will be required to apply.

Yes, when ETIAS becomes mandatory in 2024, British citizens will be required to apply, as they are no longer a member of the EU and therefore are not exempt from ETIAS.However, UK citizens do have visa-free status with the EU, meaning they will be eligible to apply for ETIAS in 2025 and beyond when the new ETIAS visa waiver will replace the current system for all travel. There will be a six-month (or longer) grace period to allow travellers and border authorities to adjust to the new process, but it’s preferable to fill out the application form ahead of time, ideally a minimum of 96hours before your departure.

When it comes to travel forms, the ETIAS application is expected to be quite simple. Citizens of the UK will be required to fill out an online application that should take no more than10minutes to complete. Basic personal information and a series of security questions are covered in the application, and the applicant will need to supply a valid biometric passport that remains valid for at least three months after the expected arrival in the destination country. If ETIAS Visa Switzerland approval is granted,a confirmation will be sent to the applicant via email.The electronic travel authorisation will be valid for three years or until the linked passport expires, if the expiry date is within the 3-year range.

The ETIAS application will become mandatory sometime in 2024, the exact date is not yet confirmed.There will be a six-month transition period to allow travellers and border authorities to get used to the new system, after which ETIAS Visa Switzerland will become compulsory for all eligible travellers.